cherry picker wasp nest

We Partnered with Direct Pest Control to treat high level Wasp nests


We were hired to partner up with a professional pest control service to help gain high level access to two active wasp nests. Manor House in Huddersfield was receiving up to 100 wasps a day in their drawing room and the customer had actually been stung a few times. The client hired Direct Pest Control who are a fantastic company based in Huddersfield.

Equipment used

After receiving the information on the job, we decided to use the Ruthman TK310 as this was the most suitable piece of equipment we had available for the job. The fantastic thing about this cherry picker is that it can be adjusted to provide fantastic access to treat the wasp nests.

visual roof check

Making use of our access

We know that it’s not often a client gets the chance to inspect their roof, we believe that by providing a quick visual check we are going that little bit further for the customer.

Whilst we were up there it made sense to have a quick check over the gutters and roof to make sure there were no broken tiles or damage to gutters. We know that its not often a client gets the chance to inspect their roof.

For high level access needs

K2Access Ltd offers the following Cherry Pickers for Hire; the Easylift R160 (reach height range: 7m – 16m), Ruthmann TB220 (reach height range: 20m – 22m), as well as the Ruthmann TK310 (reach height range: 29m – 31m). Reach out to us today to learn more!

For all your pest control needs

For all pest control needs visit Direct Pest Control on 01484 852 602

Contact us today to discuss our high access cleaning and maintenance services in  Yorkshire.

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