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Have you been experiencing some issues with your gutter (or eaves trough)? Perhaps they have been leaking or your fascia or soffit has become loose? Don’t risk your own safety by getting up there on a ladder, K2Access can help.
Based in Yorkshire, we offer a complete range of high level specialist cleaning and maintenance services reaching across Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, York and Harrogate. Our services include everything from abseil window cleaning to high level building maintenance and repairs, provided by our team of highly trained professionals to the commercial property sector.


We offer free site surveys and no obligation quotations. Our prices are extremely competitive and we have a proven 100% safety track record combined with reliability which is why our many clients have used us for over 25 years. When our platforms are not enough we have our own rope access trained team for high access window cleaning or high level maintenance jobs such as guttering clearing and fascia cleaning. From single office to large multi-site companies, no job is too small or too large for K2 Access.
Our safety record speaks for itself; whenever we undertake high-rise cleaning services we’ll assess the needs of the customer and develop the best solution for your individual requirements.
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Gutter Maintenance Services Yorkshire: what makes K2Access the best

Our team is trained and experienced to provide you with a professional, quality repair experience. From gutter and eaves trough installs, repairs, to gutter cleaning, we can help ensure that your eaves troughs are in good shape to protect your home.
When repairing eaves troughs, we consider the overall function of your roof drainage system and the ground slope to ensure that new problems will not emerge.
We use professional-grade NPC Gutter Seal, which is the best quality caulking that is available for gutters. It contains specific polymers which withstand the heat, cold, expansion, contraction and water from being in your gutter for many years to come. To ensure stability and longevity, we use locking nuts and bolts for your fold-up downspout extensions rather than just screws. To avoid your shingles wearing-out quickly, we run downspouts from upper levels across lower roofs and directly into your lower gutters where appropriate.
If you are looking for an experienced team to repair your fascia, soffit or siding, you can count on us here at K2Access to help.
To ensure the longevity of your fascia and soffit installation, we use screws rather than staples where extra durability is needed. We can colour-match the screw heads to the colour of your fascia or soffit to maintain its appearance. You can select from a range of colours and designs for your fascia and soffit. We can usually match it to your existing soffit or fascia through our accounts with one of our manufacturers. We can custom-manufacture gutters, downspouts, fascia, drip-edge, cladding, and flashings for any job size. We can usually match existing siding and roofing style and colour.
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Gutter Maintenance Services Yorkshire – How we work

K2Access has been a long-standing partner for many commercial and domestic cleaning projects. Its our way of work that defines us and our determination to be the best in the whole industry. Our unique methods of carrying out each step accompanied with our experienced personnel is what has provided us with an unprecedented reputation.

Service Manager Assigned

Few people are as deeply experienced in field operations as our managers – they have direct experience working in the field as well as unique technical knowledge that allow them to put in place a strong solution for your request. In the Service field, its no secret that most of the knowledge is with the people who have worked in the field.

Site Review – Estimate Forwarded For Review

The ideal approach is for both parties to meet on site and review the scope of work If that is not possible however, the team will review the site looking for the safest most efficient method to carry out the project.
Proposal will be forwarded which will contain the work scope and details. We welcome any comments and clarifications to review.

Safety Officer / Customer Success Manager Assigned

Safety Officer / Customer Success Manager will visit during the ongoing job, and will work with the crew to make sure all the safety items are in place. This helps with the job being carried out in a reliable manner. A Safer Work Site makes for higher quality outcomes.

Review Period

We stand by our work, but some times there can be deficiencies, which we try to correct as quickly as possible. Building staff or residents can notify us through the website case system, phone or email. We also provide our post-clean report that identify potential issues we discovered, as well as the state of the clean-up.

Gutter Repair Services Yorkshire – Why Choose K2Access?

Professional Inspection
By our inspection, we will help you find the following:
• Cracks or Fractures: A cut in any part of your gutter system may seem to be hidden, but on inspection by our team, you have no worries. These cracks or fractures will lead to water causing damage to the gutter flashing if not attended to. And eventually, will soon leak into the building and create greater problems.
• Standing water may be caused when some or all of your gutter filters are not working properly. This may be due to misalignment or some possible damages.
• Rust and Sagging
• Roof tiles and slates matched up and re-fixed
• Flashing and lead work repairs
• Waterproofing and liquid applied roof treatments

Experienced & Professional Team

Our team has the necessary training and experience for your home exterior work. Each technician has the skill which is needed for safety when working at heights.

Years of Experience

Our team’s technicians have provided gutter and home exterior services for residents in Yorkshire for the better part of 20 years.

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