Gutter Maintenance

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Gutter cleaning is a crucial aspect of the annual maintenance program of your building. As a property manager, you should know that the gutter system forms a huge part in ensuring your property has adequate means to effectively disperse rainwater – it’s all about drainage.

Additionally, as the weather changes, the falling leaves accumulate and form a debris – remaining mostly in the gutters. These accumulated leaves break down over time and become frozen. That’s when you will discover the damage vividly. Property owners don’t usually consider the problems that can arise from blocked gutters, but they are considerable and something that can be easily fixed with regular planned maintenance programmes.


It’s important to look after your gutters, and our abseil and platform teams are more than capable of keeping them clean. We use only the latest products which are designed to provide long-term solutions to leaking gutters such as Silicone, Giromax or Belzona Polymeric.  On our initial visit, we’ll photograph any issues and work with you to find the best solution – and if your gutters need to be replaced entirely, we’ll handle that too.

To create a stopper that is waterproofed, or ‘gutter within a gutter’, we can additionally install re-lining systems such as Unifold and Plygene. These are fully designed – rubberised products designed to handle each individual coating use. When installed along at the same time, Plygene and Unifold stop any water from finding its way through. What’s impressive is that both come with warranties that promise to last up to 20 years.

As part of our quality and reputable services, we make it a duty to always work with the latest technology on the market. As our client, you need not be bothered as we give you a lasting protection from leaking or deteriorating gutters.

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By our inspection, we will help you find the following:

  • Cracks or Fractures: A cut in any part of your gutter system may seem to be

hidden, but on inspection by our team, you have no worries. These cracks or fractures will lead to water causing damage to the gutter flashing if not attended to. And eventually, will soon leak into the building and create greater problems.

  • Standing Water that may be caused when some or all of your gutter filters are

not working properly. This may be due to misalignment or some possible damages.

  • Rust and Sagging
  • Roof tiles and slates matched up and re-fixed
  • Flashing and lead work repairs
  • Water proofing and liquid applied roof treatments


A functioning gutter system contributes largely to your property value with the following advantages:

  • Protect Siding

Waterlogging from excessive rain usually carry some surface particles and other corroded materials and dirt. This may in turn clog up to your siding and eventually result in a dirty-looking property. A functioning gutter system takes care of that for you.

  • Helps prevent cracks in foundation and damage to building Brackets.
  • Saves you from Basement Flooding

Because excess rainwater from the roof of the building enter the soil and makes it heavy. This will push towards the basement of your building until cracks begin to occur.

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