High Level Window Cleaning Explained

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Over the years, cleaning the windows of a high rise building, a skyscraper for example, always seem daunting. And aside the fact that the settlement of dirt, dust, and other debris on your windows have a deteriorating effect on your building, they give a very bad impression about your business. Ever wondered why you keep losing potential customers to your competitors? The reason may not be far from the dirty and untidy windows of your high rise building.

High level window cleaning is more than just laddering and washing, it requires a level of expertise and techniques. And just like every other work at height, high level window cleaning involves a risk of injury or worse. Hence, it must be done by a professional commercial window cleaning company.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a professional window cleaning company for your high level window cleaning:

High Level Window Cleaning Explained
  • Professional Window Cleaners are more Efficient and Reliable

Professional window cleaners have years of experience in cleaning various high level building structures. And with this, they know the platform that works – they use the right equipment and deploy qualified technicians to the field. Hence, they carry out the job safely and with more efficiency.

Professionally hired companies have access to specialized equipment for their services, and they ensure that all equipment meet safety requirements. For example, the rope access window cleaning platform that are specially designed for access to difficult to reach areas guarantees an efficient cleaning job done. Additionally, this method is dependably safe and saves a lot of time. Of course, this is better and highly recommended nationwide than the traditional method that involves just bucket and sponge. Professional window cleaners do it better with their equipment – they understand the method that works and how to apply it.

Professional window cleaning companies also deploy platforms such as the cherry pickers and the cradle system, which just anybody can’t have access to.

  • Increases the Life Span of Your Building

Hiring a professional window cleaner will increase the life span of your windows and the building generally, as they carefully look out for damages while rendering the cleaning services. They pay attention to corrosive contaminants that can shorten the life span of your glass window while rendering a high level window cleaning service.

Contrary to a layman’s idea, professional window cleaners don’t use heavy chemicals to clean your windows; instead, they use deionized water. They use the right products such as 100% purified water that enhances excellent stain removal on glass, without causing any structural damage. This method is totally eco-friendly as it does not involve any chemical processes that can cause havoc to the environment, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, deionized water does not react with a glass medium – it has no static charge.

  • Safety is one of their Top Priorities

One of key benefits of hiring a professional window cleaning firm is the assurance of safety. They deploy highly-trained technicians with IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) standards to the field. In addition, they follow strict health and safety guidelines while on the job.

The expertise and reputation of a professional window cleaning firm can be leveraged when you hire them for your high level window cleaning needs, and you can be rest assured.

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