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We at K2ACCESS can help you lengthen the life-time of your roofing system with our proactive, thorough maintenance plans. We are among the best roofers within Yorkshire and its neighboring cities. No matter where you are, we can have a professional, licensed team at your property for a scheduled routine check. A standardized routine maintenance can save you from unsightly and expensive roof repairs. With either our cherry pickers or fully trained abseil roofers, we can be in and out of your premises in a short time.

We provide our highly-skilled team of professionals with the latest technologies and best equipment to work with. Additionally, we constantly monitor and update our safety system to remain in line with the ever changing HSE directives.

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  • Protect your home or cooperate establishment

Roof maintenance is crucial and not something that should be postponed. Commercial and domestic buildings’ safety depend solely on a good roofing maintenance program and a routine check. This is to also avoid money wastage on roof deterioration issues in the long run.

  • Maintaining your roof prevents structural damage that may be caused by leaks, mold or presence of insects such as termites.
  • Helps to Minimize Downtime

A skilled local roofing contractor such as K2ACCESS, can affirm that roof issues, whether big or small, affect day-to-day operations and productivity. Severe leakage may force the commercial sectors to temporarily abandon part of the building to avoid accidents. It may also be in other to keep assets dry because of the effect of rain or related factor.

  • A proper roofing maintenance schedule can also help to keep your roof Insurance valid. In order words, some certain insurance brands may require preventive measures as a factor to consider for Insurance validity. Hence, waiting for leaks before you tackle roof problems may make your Insurance void.

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  • Storm Damage Repairs: Storm damage may not be one of the major causes of Roof destruction in the UK, but yet, property owners do suffer from disastrous winds and stormy conditions. That’s why ideally you will want to have a reputable Roof Maintenance company providing firm to help you with routine checks.

K2ACCESS can be exactly that business – for more than a few reasons

  • Roof tiles and slates matched up and re-fixed
  • Flashing and lead work repairs
  • Water proofing and liquid applied roof treatments
  • Roof cleaning, algae and moss removal: Algae and moss tend to grow on roofs that don’t get direct sunlight from the sun. This is because of the cooler temperature which makes it a conducive home for them. But sadly, overtime they can start to encourage more moisture which shortens the lifespan of your roof. A thorough roof maintenance check by our skilled professionals will keep your roof in perfect condition.
  • Roof surveys fully photographed
  • Flashband fitting:
  • Lead valleys and channels re-pointed
  • Dry ridge systems fit
  • UPVC fascia and soffit replacement
  • Fibre glass relining