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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Cherry Picker


Cherry Pickers are tools, although originally made for cherry-picking (as the name suggests), used today for a wide range of high-level tasks that range from window cleaning to roofing maintenance. This simple aerial lift platform is considerably better than mounting scaffolding to a building to gain access to height tasks – safety and health, the major worry.

Perhaps you are working on a project that requires a height access platform, and you’ve been contemplating the right choice – buying your cherry picker or hire one from your local contractor. Well, truth is, hiring may be the perfect choice to make as purchasing your cherry picker might not be handy right now.

However, before you contact your local rental firm, here are the top 4 things we recommend you consider before hiring a cherry picker:

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Cherry Picker


Interestingly, there is a wide range of cherry pickers available – from the super boom lift to the truck-mounted cherry pickers and the Scissor Lifts. As expected, each of these is available for a specific purpose. And considering the benefits of selecting the right type of cherry picker – saves time, aides a perfect job atmosphere, and more. Most importantly, selecting the right cherry picker will reduce the risks of hazards occurring in the workplace.

It is important to understand how applicable each of these is to get the optimum results. For example, there is absolutely no point hiring a boom lift that can attain 50ft if you are only replacing the fascia of a shop front.

Also note that the height of the respective cherry is measured from the ground level to the maximum achievable height.


The weight of the equipment you intend to use with the bucket is significant since the overall weight in the bucket affects the height achievable. Basically, the lesser the weight, the higher the height you can attain (with safety assured).

Keep in mind that this consists of your body mass, the tools and also pieces of equipment (for example, weighty equipment such as paints and varnishes). Ensure to compare this to the “safe working load” of the cherry pickers for hire.


Generally, working with large scale tools requires some level of skill and expertise. Before you hire a cherry picker, be sure of these two:

  • Firstly, your operators must be thoroughly trained and certified before they are granted access to powered tools.
  • Secondly, operators – those on the platform and ground, must have safety hats on and made compulsory for both indoor and outdoor tasks.


Just like every other business, it is important to have an expected budget or a price range when choosing a cherry picker for your project. In like manner, ask necessary questions from your local cherry picker hire firm.

The primary elements influencing the cost are the length of time you will need the cherry picker for (typically a day or the full week), how far you need the hiring company to bring the equipment, the type you choose (usually costs more as the height goes higher), as well as whether you have a self-operated model or prefer to hire an operator.

Other things to put into consideration may include the following:

  • What terrain and gradient will the equipment have to cover to get to the site where it is needed and its operator’s visibility?

How much space is available to position and operate the aerial platform?

Concluding Remarks

By keeping in mind these recommendations, you can be sure you won’t go wrong when hiring a cherry picker. Working with an expert like K2Access guarantees even more!

K2Access Ltd offers the following Cherry Pickers for Hire; the Easylift R160 (reach height range: 7m – 16m), Ruthmann TB220 (reach height range: 20m – 22m), as well as the Ruthmann TK310 (reach height range: 29m – 31m). Reach out to us today to learn more!

Contact us today to discuss our high access cleaning and maintenance services in  Yorkshire.

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