Cherry Pickers for Arborists



An Arborist is a person in the practice of arboriculture (the branch of horticulture concerned with the planting and growth of trees); a tree surgeon. Here at K2Access, our arborist customers remain our friends as we enjoy doing good business together. It’s really simple to understand why – our aerial platforms never disappoint them.

Tree surgeons, better known as arborists, are usually challenged by safety and risk of injuries while falling trees, especially the large ones. But then, a tree – whether large or small; may become hazardous due to considerations such as:

  • Common worry is its location
  • Possible overhead problems
  • Sometimes, causing damage to the ground
  • In fact, it could be a combination of these hazards.

Generally, cherry pickers or boom lifts grant access to work on trees – using the extendible arms for this task too. These machines are such a useful equipment to use to access all those dead branches right up towards the top of the tallest trees. For example, our modern Ruthmann TK310 at full extension can reach up to 31m, that’s about 100feet!

Cherry Pickers for Arborists

Cherry Picker/Mobile Elevating Work Platform

Our range of cherry pickers aide arborists in tree works such as tree pruning, tree trimming, dead branch removal, hedge trimming, stump removal, and general maintenance services. Whatever it is, we’ve got covered!

At K2Access Ltd, our insulated cherry pickers can assist with all types of tree lopping and arborist maintenance task. Our range of cherry pickers assists tree surgeons who require an aerial platform as an access platform. From the low-level access platform EasyLift R160, to the truck mounted modern Ruthmann TK310, all our aerial platforms are too reliable to think otherwise.

Additionally, all our elevating work platforms are of adequate strength and stability – this is always in place as they are thoroughly examined at regular intervals.

Some Quick Tips for Arborists while on the job:

  1. The aerial platform should always be positioned in a suitable manner so as to remove lateral limbs and remove vertical stem sections.
  2. The pulling rope is to be correctly installed and the use of basic knots displayed.
  • All on-site workers MUST be properly dressed in their Safety clothing and kits such as a head gear.

Tell us how K2Access Ltd Cherry Pickers Hire team can help you if you require a height platform such as our Easylift R160 or Ruthmann TK310, or even more; and our responsive specialist will respond in a short space – we won’t delay your projects. To get started, please call 0113 250 8031. Alternatively send an mail to [email protected].

Reach out to your local cherry picker hire firm today if you need assistance or a piece of quick information, we are just a call away.

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