History The History of the Cherry Picker

What is it?

The Cherry Picker is a piece of machinery used across the industries to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height levels. They are unique in design, with their extendible arm and an attached cradle platform on the end. Cherry Pickers are also referred to as Articulated Boom Lift.

They are movable, flexible and designed for multi-purpose use especially in the construction industries. Attachments such as a cradle system and buckets can be easily used at its propelling arm. Articulated Boom Lifts are suitable for workers that work at height, especially for any difficult to reach locations.

Let’s quickly launch into the history of the cherry picker and how it became so relevant in the world today.

history of the cherry picker

Its Inception

In the past, working at heights was a difficult and burdensome task. In fact, till date, it’s classified as among those that guarantees frustration while on the job.

Although it was regarded as such, it’s certainly not burdensome as of yet. The invention of cherry pickers to working at heights, and generally to industries has transformed the game totally.

Its innovation was conceived in 1944 due to the frustration of a young boy named Jay Eitel who was picking cherries in the summer. It resulted from the fact that he had to move the ladder he used for access continuously so as to reach new picking spots. Prior to this, he began to think of a more efficient method and hence, the idea of cherry picker flowed in.

In 1953, Jay launched the Telsta Corporation in Sunnyvale, California and was manufacturing cherry pickers for commercial purposes. In fact, majority are of the opinion that his invention has made way for telecoms industries in the world today.

Barely two decades later, other uses for cherry pickers had evolved quickly when John L. Grove cofounded the JLG Industries. He improved on Jay’s model and designed the self-propelled boom lift. His first design had to be operated by two people but subsequently, other simple designs evolved such that a single person could control.

Modern Day Uses

In the world today, there are many industries that utilize cherry pickers for their daily productivity. As previously mentioned, it has revolutionized a lot of industries in the modern age. Examples of such industries are fruit picking industry, construction company, and commercial cleaning industries like K2 Access Ltd.

Building Maintenance

Cherry Pickers are widely used in the commercial cleaning industries for high access cleaning jobs. Such jobs include high level window cleaning, roofing maintenance, and façade and cladding cleaning. They have been widely embraced in the cleaning industries because they make work a lot easier and more efficient. And height workers need not worry about danger of falling from height while on the job.

Picking Fruit

Just like what Jay Eitel originally designed them for, cherry pickers are still relevant in the fruit picking industries. Fruit orchards can now be picked easily by the use of cherry pickers. Of course, the fear of falling from such height and losing fruits to falls will be nothing to worry about. Additionally, it saves overall time used.

Film Making

Using cherry pickers in the film industries have been very helpful as it enhances filmmakers to make aerial shots above the scene. Mounting a camera directly onto a cherry picker gives the cameraman a stable platform and a wide filming angle is also provided.

Concluding Remarks

Cherry Pickers continue to be relevant and widely demanded as industries recognize their applications and benefits.

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