Solar Panel Cleaning – Why You Should Clean Your Solar Panel


An investment in Solar panels is a smart one as it’s a renewable source of energy. However, proper maintenance makes this a reality. How often do you clean them? Or should you just let them be?

Solar panels are the panels that are used to acquire energy from the sun and convert it to achieve different benefits. Solar panels receive power from the sun for individuals to use. Interestingly, there are two types: the thermal panels, and the energy panels.

Generally, solar panels require very little maintenance to work. The major thing light cleaning to make sure that dirt, leaves and other waste do not obstruct the rays of the sun. During periods of heavy snowfall or when the energy output of your panels is decreasing, you may only need more extensive maintenance.

Cleaning Solar Panel

Tap water and chemicals can leave a trace on your boards that can accidentally promote the accumulation of dust. This is one of the factors why professional cleaning of your panels is a nice concept. A de-ionized water scheme can also offer you a more durable and effective spot-free finish which will make you sweeter and have a longer-term effect. De-ionized water technologies usually do not need investment for private homeowners who intend to use them only to clean their windows, but a successful skilled cleaner will naturally have one.

Solar Panel Cleaning .

There are many benefits of hiring a Professional Commercial Window Cleaning firm, and the top ones are discussed below.

  • Why cleaning a Solar Panel is necessary? 

    Clean solar panels deliver enormous advantages.  Solar panel cleaning technologies can assist you to boost production by as much as 5 to 30 %. It should be assumed that panels can reduce their effectiveness by 15-25% unless they have been correctly washed. This implies literally that 15-25 percent less power will be produced, and you will now have to supply it at the cost of the utilities. This contributes a few additional years to the reimbursement period. When to wash the Solar Panels? There is more pollution in winter in most locations, which makes spring an excellent time for washing annually. Solar boards washed once and twice a year generates 3.5%, 5% more energy than left uncleaned, respectively. Some locations need additional attention, however.Solar panels are not so much distinct from wiping a typical window. Even so, it doesn’t take much time.The failure to clear your solar panels is not very different from tossing cash off the window, and self-cleaning solar schemes for those lazy people who are ready to invest additional cash because at the end they will lose the working capacity of solar panels.

  • Factors reducing efficiency of the panel 

    Bird drops are more harmful than the film of dirt on your panels if you have many nearby trees, especially leafy ones, they won’t just leave leaves on your boards. It’s also going to draw birds. Dirt only reduces the efficiency of your panels but bird’s droppings can make your solar panel to stop working. The direction of your panels is one thing to consider. Straight solar boards will need to be cleaned more because water may pool and leave residues of muddy when they evaporate. Angled boards use the rain over them to maintain them tidy.

How often should your windows be cleaned then?

We recommend you clean three to four times a year as this will keep it more attractive to your setting.

Cleaned windows assist to provide your clients with a beneficial first impression. You inform your clients that you’re conscientious and careful. Additionally, they contribute to the highest feasible promotion of your product.

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