A lot of companies have lost many business opportunities today just because of an untidy company environment. Besides the fact that dirty commercial windows can make a business feel unpleasant and unattractive, they can also cause health hazards to your employees and customers. Keeping the bathroom and every interior part of the building clean is something we do regularly, but most times neglect the windows.

Dirty commercial windows may send a message of inadequacy and incredibility to your clients and this will push them far for business. Additionally, it is necessary to understand the negative effects dirt can have on the overall life span of your commercial windows.

Below are few reasons of having a routine professional service clean your windows;

  • Increase Business

Rightly said, a professional commercial window cleaning company can help boost the worth of your business. This is so because clean windows create an inviting environment for customers and it improves your credibility. A neat business space is more likely to turn old customers into repeat customers. This equally will promote your business and increase productivity.

  • Improved Health and Safety

There are a lot of respiratory conditions that may be caused by dust and dirt and a common example is asthma. The presence of dust and dirt all around your company space poses a higher exposure to health issues as they can easily be inhaled.

The settlement of dust on your commercial windows can also contaminate delicate substances like food. This is a one of the services K2Access offers – maintaining the well being of your employees and customers by ensuring a clean and comfortable working environment.

  • Cost effective

Negotiating service appointments with a reputable commercial window cleaning company can be a cost saving measure. Attracting customers may seem like a difficult task already, don’t make it more difficult with dirty windows. Instead, hire a reputable and expert commercial window cleaner to ensure a proper sparkle of your windows.

K2Accesscan take care of the commercial windows cleaning for you! Don’t let dirty windows give a negative impression about your business to your customers. Call us today for a free estimate.

Contact us today to discuss our high access cleaning and maintenance services in Leeds, Yorkshire.


Some Guidelines to Help Determine how often your Firm Should Schedule its Window Cleaning:

Office Buildings – rightly said that dirty windows commercial windows affect the life span of the entire building. The office building should have a scheduled cleaning of an average of twice a year; inside and outside. However, the lobbies and other public spaces are to be cleaned on a monthly basis.

Medical Facilities – Basically,medical practitioners need to have a monthly schedule cleaning for their apparatus. Of course, medical equipment must be clean at all times for health reasons. Dirt settlement on the commercial windows is really a bad idea.

Restaurants – K2Access recommends that restaurants should schedule a weekly window cleaning maintenance with a professional window cleaner firm. Dust and dirt still have a way of settling all around the kitchen, even with commercial hoods over cooking areas.

Commercial buildings must keep their windows clean at all times to prevent untidy landscaping and a dirty working space. Of course, if a firm cannot have its environment clean, how can it take care of somebody else’ business.

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