With the increasing elevation of properties, cleaning and maintenance of the windows of high-rise buildings is becoming almost impossible. The difficulty for property owners to clean their windows has become a thing to worry about to many. However, the services of a professional High-Level Cleaning and Maintenance firm will optimally take care of your needs.

K2Access understands the need for the best window cleaning methods that will be suitable for your high-rise building anywhere in and around Leeds. In an ideal manner, this is what any professional window cleaning firm should be versatile with and render such services.

Additionally, a proper understanding of the available window cleaning methods will aid your decision on selecting the perfect one for your needs.

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Types of the Best Window Cleaning Methods

  1. Window Cleaning using Cradles

Cleaning windows using a cradle system is always an effective way to maintaining a high-rise building in Leeds. It has always been a proven method of window cleaning where other methods are not possible. The cradle window method of cleaning is often categorized as a traditional method of window cleaning.

The cradle window cleaning method requires that a building have a cradle system so that it can be utilized for all external needs. Three kinds of styles are usually used; rope cradles, hand winched cradles or using the electric cables.

This method will also be possible if pulleys can be fixed on your buildings. Pros are:

  1. There is no height restriction
  2. It is a highly safe method.

The only con is that it may be a slow method as it is a traditional way of cleaning.

At K2Access, our team of window cleaners are professionals, who have been trained with any cradle system that may be used by a building. Please contact us if you’ve any enquiries, our window cleaners are available 24/7 and will provide rightful answers to your questions.


  1. Window Cleaning with Cherry Pickers

This type of window cleaning method is also an effective way to clean hard-to-reach areas on buildings. It requires a lot of water and a window cleaner scrapper. Where the cradle method or the reach & wash method cannot have access to, K2Access recommends the cherry picker window cleaning system.

Cherry pickers are mechanical, mobile devices that have a carrier mounted on one side of it for lifting loads. K2Access have the right machine no matter what your requirements are; from the Scissor Lift to the Spider Lifts, among others.

Pros are:

  1. Can be easily operated by a 1-man operative
  2. A lot of cherry picker can reach a height of 200 feet from the ground level.


  1. The Reach and Wash Method

The Reach and Wash window cleaning method is a modern way of window cleaning. As expected, a modern way of approach to things would always be better than a traditional way. Hence, the benefits of this method exceed the other methods of cleaning. There are a lot of advantages which include:

  1. A dependable safe method to use
  2. Very efficient and saves time
  • Can be applied from the ground. Hence, saves cost in return.

The method involves using 100% purified water that aides excellent stain removal on glass windows.

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