Benefits of Having Your Commercial Windows Cleaned in Summer

The Importance of Keeping Your Hotel Windows Clean


According to a Statista survey, 84% of travelers reported that hotel cleanliness ranks as one of the most important factors they consider when choosing a hotel room.

Hotel cleaning is very important to not only attract new guests but also to maintain good customer reviews. For most people, tables covered in dust, stained upholstery, and general filthiness is the last thing they expect to see when they lodge in a hotel.

Remember John Wesley’s quote in 1778 “Cleanliness is next to godliness?” Well, not so for hotel management. It all sums up to cleanliness is next to good hotel reviews. And to every serious hotel manager, cleaning and maintenance of the hotel should be one of their top priorities. This reassures guests that you have them in mind and it also keeps your hotel as their preferred choice should they want to lodge again.

Here are five benefits of having your hotel windows professionally cleaned, and how it affects your productivity:

First Impression Goes a Long Way

The impression your guests and potential customers will have when they first step into your hotel stays almost forever. And most likely that a dirty environment or windows will mean a NO business for you.

The Importance of Keeping Your Hotel Windows CleanCan Boost Your Business

Generally speaking, dirty windows can make a business feel insecure. Clean windows can be leveraged to your business productivity since it sets a more comfortable and inviting space for guests and potential customers. Like every other business, it’s vital to maintain a top-notch standard to stay on top of the game. And the relevance of cleaning and maintaining your hotel windows to its general standards cannot be overemphasized.

A steadily clean and maintained hotel encourages customer loyalty and word of mouth referrals. And in return, it contributes to the growth of your hotel business.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Property

Dirt and grime will not only cause damage to your windows, but they can also ultimately be detrimental to the entire property. When left uncleaned, dirt, dust and other corrosive contaminants can cause permanent cracks to your windows and can incur a large cost to fix or replace.

Save yourself the cost of repairs and replacement. Hire a professional commercial window cleaning firm today and be sure of the best way to care for your windows, and to protect your property.


Improved Health and Safety

It’s easy for dust and dirt to settle on windows and then spread quickly to every space in your hotel. This can have negative impact on the health of your guests and staff, resulting in respiratory conditions such as asthma. Dust and dirt can also contaminate sensitive materials such as food, making your hotel unhygienic to lodge in. Professional commercial cleaning firms can be leveraged to help keep your hotel environment safe and welcoming.

Online Reviews

Review sites can be a blessing and a curse. Travelers can now check review sites to get a wider perspective of your hotel, and an average person reads about seven reviews before making a decision. Good hygiene, among other factors, invariably leads to good hotel reviews. Hence, you should ensure to keep a clean environment if you care about your business – we know you sure do.


Concluding Remarks

Clean windows will mean a lot to your hotel business and productivity. Not only do clean windows make your hotel a preferred choice, they will also increase the lifespan of your property and save you money on expensive repairs and replacements.

You can trust K2Access Ltd for your expert window cleaning and maintenance services. Reach out to us today via 0113 2505 8031.

Concluding Remarks

As you can see, the summer is a perfect fit to get your commercial windows cleaned. If you’re ready to leverage the benefits of cleaning your windows in summer, call the professionals at K2Access Ltd today.

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