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Cradle vs Rope Access Window Cleaning

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Cradle vs Rope Access Window Cleaning

Rope Access Window Cleaning

Cable access, also known as abseiling or twin cable access, allows us to be suspended until our task is completed. To order to ensure the safety of operators, they follow a strict code of practice. People use and configure devices with redundancies or “back-ups,” which is why we never depend on a single safety issue. In compliance with industry-standard and the feedback of experienced rope access technicians, our safe working methods have been established. The processes for seam access allow us to access areas outside the scope of the EWP. Rope access can provide your building with a wide range of maintenance tasks from leak repairs to inspections and installations. A mop and squeegee are the best way to achieve the best result for cleaning windows. The hands-on solution ensures a perfectly clean and precise finish. Since the cleaners are vigilant with every single window, they can clean any residue not visible from afar. Cleaning up in tight spaces, complicated windows and the indoor areas may be the preferred option. Similar to other cleaning techniques, this system does not use much air. We use a biodegradable material that is non-hazardous with low odour.

Cradle Window Cleaning

Cradle window cleaning is somewhat similar to rope access, but in this case, there is a proper platform or a ledge is hanging from the top where the worker can stand and quickly move as well. Cradle cleaning is often the best way to move in buildings where pulleys may be applied. A cradle is suspended with high-force cables, and then the face of the building in question descends. Professional operators can then perform clean pricing on the windows of the property. When it comes to cradle washing, there are no height restrictions. For a range of high-rise constructions, this means it’s a versatile choice. Also, a healthy window cleaning option is cradle cleaning. This allows clients to be comfortable in knowing that the job is carried out competently by anyone they have appointed.

Cradle vs Rope Access Window CleaningDifference Between Cradle and Rope Access Window Cleaning


Rope access window cleaning is cost-effective as compared to cradle window cleaning because it involves fewer machines and less labour. On the other hand, the cradle window cleaning may include more workforce for the setup and equipment needed are also expensive and large. Carrying them from one place to another also costs a lot.

Time Consuming

Rope access may be cost-effective but is very time-consuming. It will take much more time to do the same job as the person is hanging by a rope and is not very comfortable. If the person is satisfied, then he would be able to perform better as compared to the uncomfortable situation.


Safety of the worker is a top priority, and in this case, both the methods are safe, but the cradle is always considered more reliable because of the ledge on which the person is standing. If anything wrong happens, then the worker has a total opportunity to decide to save himself, whereas the person hanging from the rope cannot do much.


Cradle workers can always have more space to keep their supplies. They can keep the right amount of supplies with them, and they do not have to go back to get the supplies again for the day. So this is a significant benefit for cradle window cleaners.


The weather conditions can be worse, but the person standing on a strong cradle can be safer as compared to the person hanging from the building. So the conclusion is that cradle remains more stable in worse weather conditions.

Concluding Remarks

As you can see, the summer is a perfect fit to get your commercial windows cleaned. If you’re ready to leverage the benefits of cleaning your windows in summer, call the professionals at K2Access Ltd today.

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