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How To Choose a High-Rise Window Cleaning Company

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The building of a business is a big part of the business’ value and first impression. So, what first impression does your building give (potential) customers about your business?

When thinking of who to hire as your high-rise window cleaning company for your residential or commercial property, there are several factors to consider. However, on the top of your list should be quality – if they will offer the best job. More importantly, are they going to provide a safe job? Safety should even be your top priority because you wouldn’t want to have casualties and put lives in danger.

We have put together our top five tips for choosing the ideal high-rise window cleaner. Let’s go!

Top 5 Tips to Choosing a High-Rise Window Cleaning Company

#1 What to look for?

  • Is the company fully insured? – Asking to know if the high-rise window cleaning firm is certified is as essential as ensuring all safety measures are in place. So, ask if they are insured. If they are not, it’s better not to hire them because you’ll be held accountable for whatever happens to your property.
  • How long have they been in business? – While you’re making sure to hire one with a competitive offer, don’t forget to watch out for the experience. Moreover, it’s always advisable to avoid cheap cleaners as these cut costs by providing mediocre services. So, rather pay for the quality of services and experience in the cleaning industry.
  • Do they have any or can they provide references?

#2 Request a Site Visit

Among others, you will want to request a visit to your property. Here, your aim is to establish the most effective window cleaning approach. Our high-rise crew will come down for a site visit. They will access the building – from the height, windows, and discuss the cleaning options available with you. In addition to providing answers to all your questions, they will guide you through the most cost-effective approach open. Most importantly, they will guide you through the option with the most minimal disturbance to your activities.

#3 High-Rise Window Cleaning using mobile platforms

K2Access uses the two main cleaning methods to high-rise window building available in the market – the water fed pole or the cherry picker approach. These tools allow us to clean effectively using both traditional methods and modern cleaning style. As part of our safety measures, all our operatives hold the IPAF license.

Using a cradle approach

Depending on the type of your building, our experienced window cleaning crew introduce the cradle system.

Using rope access

The rope access method is the most common cleaning approach for high-rise buildings in the UK. All our rope access crew have been thoroughly trained to the highest IRATA standards.

Our abseiling approach is carried out only when not to disrupt your business activities.

#4 Memberships and Associations

Also, see if they are members of the most credible cleaning associations in the industry. Besides, read their review page on their business sites.

#5 Environmental Credentials

Irrespective of your company’s environmental policy, it pays even more to consider supplier commitment to eco-friendly approaches. By all means, make sure to reduce or avoid the use of chemicals. You’ll want to choose a high-rise window cleaning company that takes environmental credentials seriously.

Why Choose K2Access Ltd?

Our high-rise cleaning team are professionals who reflect the quality of our services on all properties. We ensure that our services meet your expectations and even beyond.

When you hire K2Access for your high-rise cleaning needs, you can expect the following:

  • Competitively priced services
  • Professional cleaning crew
  • Fully insured staff
  • A timely turnaround
  • Safety-oriented working staff and environment


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