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15 Facts about Window Cleaning

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Window cleaning services have been rapidly growing for a few years. This may be because, in the last decade, more tall buildings and commercial spaces have been built. So, it’s really important to maintain cleanliness whether it is inside or outside the building. But it should also be observed that the window cleaning job is dangerous and tricky than other jobs because it is greatly affected by extreme weather conditions and temperature. Other than this, it is not at all easy to hold cleaning equipment while standing on high ladders so we must admire those workers who perform their window cleaning job for us.

There are many other facts about window cleaning which we aren’t aware of. Let’s find out those facts.

Here we go!

15 Facts about Window Cleaning

1. Window cleaning job of tallest buildings

Nowadays, there are many tall buildings in the world and it presents some unique issues about giving the windows the once-over. Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest buildings and it has 1,292,500 square feet of glass. The organization that is responsible for this task has £5 million worth of equipment to finish the job.

2. New York started the window cleaning services

The window cleaning job was firstly created in New York in the year 1931 because there were 3000 windows cleaners at that time.

3. Window cleaning competition

Every year, the International Window Cleaning organization hosts a competition to test the skills of window cleaners and the contestants compete to see which one is the fastest in his job.

4. Risks of the job

The window cleaning job is one of the dangerous jobs in the world. It is not easy to work at such heights and also it has many risks even a person can lose his life.

5. Be careful With the Birds

Besides the tallness and the little chance of framework malfunction, we’ve heard that birds are one of the dangerous enemies of the skyscraper window cleaners

6. Time consuming  jobs

Window cleaning jobs of the tall building are long term jobs or takes a long period. It takes almost a month to clean a high tower and requires about 3-4 months to clean all windows of it.


7. Window cleaners hold world records

In 2009, a UK resident Terry Burrows cleaned three windows of 45 ×45 inches in 9.14 seconds. He utilized 2.37 gallons of water and an 11.75-inch long squeegee to clean it and sets a Guinness world record in window cleaning competition.

8. Window cleaning by using scaffolds

Scaffolds were first presented in New York and are used to clean higher windows but they have a problem that they could not deal with upper floors.

9. Glass as a precious item

The glass itself has been around for quite a while and has been utilized to make decorative things. Glass is a luxurious item and is simpler to work with and it’s essential to keep it clean.


10. Squeegee is an essential tool

A basic tool of any window cleaner’s unit is his squeegee. It is a smooth, flat rubber blade used to control or remove the flow of water on a flat surface.

11. Skyscrapers and window cleaning

It is not easy to clean three or four-story buildings but when you begin taking off into the sky, it becomes a more difficult task. Also, on the windy days, their task becomes more dangerous and time taking.

12. Challenges facing by the window cleaning industry

One of the difficulties facing the window cleaning industry involves an innovation that makes self-cleaning windows. Cleaners have to face massive challenges if the weather is too hot or too cold. Heavy wind also makes it difficult for the cleaners to properly do their job.

13. History about window cleaning

The history of window cleaning goes inseparably with the history of glass. These first windows were cleaned by servants and housewives with the help of cloth and water. After that, for the tallest buildings window cleaning jobs started in New York.

14. Easy ways of window cleaning

The water feeder pole allows the window cleaner to stay on the ground and clean two or three-story buildings with some poles. Also, there is no need for ladders and chemicals in it.

15. Throwing things out of the window

This is particularly obvious everywhere. You, I and many of you have this bad habit of throwing things out of the window. These may be food wrappers, plastic bottles, cans of sauces, pages, ink pots, etc. All these things leave stains on windows and make it even more difficult for the cleaners to clean the window efficiently.


Concluding Thoughts

The window cleaning process is full of risks and adventures. It’s not an easy task as it seems to be. Keeping in mind all these facts about window cleaning, we must admire the Window Cleaning Team and workers that risks their lives and put their best efforts to clean windows of even the highest buildings.

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