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Working or living in modern or newer properties indeed has some advantages, one of them being the fantastic sights. Beholding beautiful landscape – above the other buildings – is quite impressive. However, for the best results, your windows must be clean and free from dirt. This view is one of the flaws of newer buildings because cleaning the windows could be dangerous.

Unlike the windows of your bedroom, which only needs a damp cloth and a squeegee, cleaning the windows of newer building designs could be complicated. Attempting to clean the windows of more modern designs, say the 70th floor of a skyscraper, could be a disappointing attempt. As expected, things might take a different feel and be a bit tricky at the same time.

Cleaning modern buildings windows is an unsafe task and not for an amateur. It requires the skill set of a professional cleaning team to be able to work at heights, a mile above the ground level. Newer building window cleaners are experts who are aware of the dangers of their jobs. And a single mistake on the job could cost a life. So, we prioritize safety on and off the field, and everyone exactly knows what to do to stay safe.

Regardless of the height of the building, where the glass window is positioned or the size of the building; you can rest assured that we have the best and most effective cleaning approach to restore its beauty.

Modern Buildings Cleaning – the basics

Some newer designs, including skyscrapers, are built with a complex system which rules out any traditional approach of window cleaning. However, K2Access Ltd cleaning crew have been trained to reach all the windows that seem unreachable.

We deploy tools and equipment that ensure safety is in place. Our professional cleaners use safety equipment such as rope access system and rope-grabbing tools that ensure that there are no dangerous incidents.

Over the years, K2Access cleaners use mechanical platforms that help them get to hard-to-reach spots of the building.

The Pure Water Solution

Unlike other window cleaners will use tap water when cleaning your glass, our professionals use the pure water approach. We avoid the use of tap water as this contains some amount of impurities and contaminants. And as a result, they leave smears and spots on glass windows.

We use pure water technology because the water has been de-ionized and contains no particles. This approach is more eco-friendly than other traditional methods. And we prefer to use the pure water solution because as it’s safer for both your property and everyone around.

Tackling High-Rise Buildings with Abseil Technique

For high-rise buildings with inaccessible windows, our abseil window cleaning technique comes in handy. This method is the most popular approach to cleaning the windows of tall buildings.

Abseil cleaning approach involves cleaning from the top of the building to the lower part in sequence. Supported by a specialized design of ropes and pulleys, our abseil team clean the windows up close and efficiently. This approach is very practical, reliable, safe, and cost-effective.


Finding a Window Cleaner

In taking care of your windows, you need to hire a professional cleaning agency to look out for your property. No one does it better than K2Access! No matter what your cleaning needs are or the kind of property structure, you can be rest assured to get the best. Reach out to us and find out about the newer and efficient methods we tackle modern buildings.

If you would like to know how K2 Access Ltd can leave your windows in pristine conditions, please get in touch TODAY!

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