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What Techniques & Equipment Are Used For Commercial Building Window Cleaning

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Sometimes, you need more than the necessary cleaning toolkits like buckets or squeegees to get off to a good start with cleaning your windows. Sometimes, you might need to reach a height to achieve the best cleaning results possible. Personally, considering the safety and expertise required, it’s best to choose a professional commercial window cleaning service.

There are several window cleaning equipment that aids your efficiency on the job. And the good news is, you don’t need to invest in the expensive-fancy ones. While some commercial jobs will require a few specialty tools, a standard window kit is readily available at your local hardware store.

Below is a list of the window cleaning equipment industries will need to attain the best results.

Professional Window Cleaning Equipment

  1. Squeegee handles

Squeegee, such as Etorre or Unger, is the best cleaning tool for a perfect, streak-free window. Consist of three parts: the handle, the channel, and the rubber – it’s a must in every window cleaning toolkit. Unlike the brass handle type, newer models come in light-weight aluminium plastic that can be easily replaced. Also, it makes your work easier and with less strain on your wrists.

  1. Reach and wash poles

Also called extension poles, are extremely important for cleaning tall, hard-to-reach windows without ladders. Mоѕt аrе mаdе with ultra-lightweight саrbоn fіbеr оr аlumіnum.

  1. T-Bars and sleeves

T-bars, commonly used with ergonomic handles, directly deliver your cleaning solution to the window surface. The most available type is the microfiber sleeves which have scrub pads to remove tough spots with ease.

  1. Portable ladders

Keeping a ladder in place – even while extension poles are on standby – is crucial to achieving the best window cleaning job possible. A strong, robust ladder can save your life!

  1. Scrapers

Sometimes, there can be tough streaks and dirt on the windows that will require tough cleaning. Scrapers come in handy in times like this. However, it would help if you were gentle on the glass as scratching can be easy with this tool.

  1. Buckets and Towels

Buckets and the other little equipment help a professional window cleaner achieve a fantastic job!

Towels are a good window cleaning tool that helps you minimize cost. Use either the microfiber cloths or the surgical towels for achieving even cleaner surface without leaving streaks behind.

  1. Tool Belt

A good belt makes it easy to carry your most-used tools with you every time you need to.

  1. Protective Equipment

Job at heights requires that you prioritize safety first! Get the essential protective equipment available, including Safety helmets, gloves, fall arrest equipment, and more.

How Do You Remove Hard Water Spots from Windows?

To start with, you should aim at preventing hard water spots on your windows. However, should you have them, an acid-based cleaner will work well in removing the stubborn spots. Poorly роѕіtіоnеd landscape sprinkler ѕуѕtеmѕ саn cause саlсіum buildup аnd unsightly whіtе wаtеr ѕроtѕ on wіndоwѕ аnd ѕіgnѕ.


Then, How Can You Clean Your Commercial Windows?

Below are 3 easy steps.

  1. Firstly, dust to remove cobwebs and dirt.

This step applies to every window cleaning activity. Removing the dust and cobweb build up around your windows helps to prevent messy work area. Moreover, it aids your cleaning hygiene and contributes to a healthy environment.

You can sweep the dirt off the window frame with a broom or a brush.

  1. wet the windows with water-fed pole system (if available) or spray bottle.

  2. choose the right professional window cleaning team

The essential window cleaning hack is to hire the ideal window cleaning service among the steps mentioned above.

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