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Tips for Looking After Your Gutters

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Many homeowners think that they’ve got a functioning gutter system as long as there’s no clogging of debris at any spot – but that’s not the case. While regularly checking the gutter is essential, there are several other aspects of gutter maintenance that you should know.

However, the best option is to hire a specialist as they can identify when the gutter system needs repair or a complete gutter replacement.

Why are Blocked Gutters Dangerous?

An unhealthy or blocked gutter system could cause many hazardous effects, including water damage or leaking to your roof and between shingles. When this happens, it will no doubt result in more expenses than the price that you need to pay for regular gutter cleaning.

Moreover, a healthy gutter system contributes to your health and wellbeing, and that of your loved ones.

3 Tips for Looking After Your Gutters

Irrespective of how good your gutter system may appear to be, it’s essential to check them regularly. Having regular maintenance pays off at the end when compared to having a complete gutter replacement, or your home roofing ripped off – I bet you know what that means.

While the best choice you can make is to hire an expert for gutter inspection and management, there are some types of cleaning you can handle on your own. The great news, however, is you don’t have to hire the K2Access Ltd gutter maintenance team all the time.

Here some DIY tips to prevent your system against the buildup of leaves or debris:

#1 Firstly, Clear Out Your Gutters

While many homeowners love to ignore this when doing home cleaning, gutter cleaning should be done more than once a year for the best results. When it becomes cluttered, water can overflow out and cause severe damages to your building than you can imagine. In addition to preventing water from travelling to your downspout, a cluttered gutter system can cause ice cubes on your roof that drain into the cracks around your roof and between shingles. In the fall, especially if you’ve tall trees around your house, you should clean your gutters even more often as there would be increased droppings in your system.


#2 Clear Out Downspouts – Clean Your Gutters

It’s essential to ensure that you check the downspout just as regularly as your gutter system. See if the fittings are still in order, and there are no leakages or any seam issue. You may need to remove the downspouts and connect them again, or at least shake the pipe if there is any blockage somewhere.

Additionally, you can install downspout extensions and clean them at least twice a year. Also, make sure you’re putting on gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask while cleaning your gutters.

#3 Install Gutter Guards and Seal any Leaks

Installing gutter guards is one of the quickest ways of preventing dirty, clogged gutters and the need to clean them too often. They are installed on the gutter top to avoid overloading from leaves or debris. Moreover, if there are large trees over your roof or gutter system, you’ll find gutter guards helpful in preventing a blocked system.

We recommend you hire a professional gutter cleaning team if your system is more than two stories above the ground level. Instead of exposing your life or someone else’s to a disaster by climbing ladder to the top buildings, hire an expert!

If you need any assistance with your gutter system or need to talk to an expert, feel free to call K2Access Ltd professional team on 0113-250-8031.

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