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The Future of Commercial Window Cleaning

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The COVID-19 Impact

All industries, including the commercial window cleaning sector, has been assessing the great impact of COVID-19 on different sectors. Businesses and organizations are having to adapt swiftly to the changes brought by the virus.

With the widespread of the virus across the UK, there have been some shoves. The coronavirus is having a great impact on every business as each day passes by.

Customers are the backbone of any business. And as we know, there have been suspensions in every sector. While some businesses have proactive policies to counter the effects of the coronavirus such as cleaning overly-exposed areas and avoiding viral-related locations.

The cleaning sector is operating with full safety measures to curb the spread of the virus. From cleaning surfaces to the floor, door handles, and other sensitive areas needing to be disinfected.

However, as it is, COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be slowing down. What then can one say about the future of commercial cleaning services and cleaning teams amidst this pandemic?

Looking Ahead

Now more than ever, cleaning is critical to our health and the general public. K2 Access contributes to securing high levels of cleanliness around the clock to help keep businesses and workers safe. It is crucial at this point to maintain all-around cleanliness as the dreaded virus is not staying at a spot.

In response to the setback back by the COVID -19 widespread, cleaning agencies are looking at a better future for both their businesses and their workers. Interestingly, the outbreak of this virus has not only caused harm but it has opened the eyes of many to the importance of technology.

What to expect

As previously mentioned, technology is the new hope for the future of commercial window cleaning as there are a lot of possible effective alternatives to getting works done. Out of the many possibilities, these three are inevitable.

1) The invasion of drones

It is no longer news that drones are already helping in meeting different impossible needs. There is even a high possibility of drones taking charge of the construction of buildings in the nearest future. With this likelihood, the issue of having to clean commercial windows regardless of a pandemic will not be a subject of debate. Why is that? Drones will invade in a good way to do the cleaning and hence preserve the lives of many from getting contracted with any deadly disease.

2) Bots will take over

Robotics are already here but they have limitations. One of the limitations is the inability to clean window corners. However, with the rise in tech and new invention coming up daily, Artificial Intelligence will surely take its spot in helping clean out windows more effectively. More than that, the robotics will also work without human assistance which means there won’t be an issue of virus spread since robots can’t be infected with human infection.

3) Waterless window cleaning will emerge

Although, self-cleaning window cleaners are around and they have been functioning well but they require the use of water to make the windows clean. But what the future needs in commercial cleaning are windows that can just be cleaned without water and still gives the sparkle of a water-cleaned window. Therefore, one major invention the future of technology holds following the trends is the creation of waterless windows for both private and commercial purposes.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, the future of commercial window cleaning is guaranteed with what technology has to offer. With the innovations that are fast rising, all it takes to get to this future that technology is projecting is just time. Interestingly, the future is no longer far as the projections are already evidently seen in bits everywhere.


The Future of Commercial Window Cleaning

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