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How Commercial Window Cleaning Helps You Create a Professional Brand Image

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“Dirty windows make your business look unclean.”

Yes, you heard that right. Just facts!

The first thing customers notice when they come to your office is how clean the environment is –special attention to your windows. They look through the glass and just get uncomfortable at sight of dirt. Unfortunately, they don’t even tell you what the problem is. We are sure that’s not how you want your brand image to be pictured.

As a business, it’s important to keep in mind how much the glass experience still matters to brand image. Many companies today are engrossed in creating a great digital impression – and are doing so well – that they neglect the experience clients have when they walk into their office space.

We don’t mean to say digital isn’t hugely germane. A sparkling window and clean office space mean the same as digital.

According to a survey by Forbes, “69% of participants said they were less likely to return to a store with a dusty space again. What’s worse, 41% said they would be less likely to visit any location of that brand. And 70% said they thought less of a brand that didn’t offer a consistent experience across all its locations. (

Don’t give potential customers a chance to have a wrong impression about your brand image. Creating a great first impression with pristine, sparkling glass windows can help to maintain your brand image and even boost your marketing strategy! K2Access Ltd strives to treat your business the way it deserves with great looking windows!

How Commercial Window Cleaning Helps You Create a Professional Brand Image

Commercial Window Cleaning takes care of the Basics

Imagine an old store with poor management. You sure to see dirty floors, untidy space, and damaged facilities. An active business with poor management can have similar experiences. But you should up your game! The competition is even too much to take chances poorly.

Smart brands choose commercial window cleaning experts and move beyond the basics. They create spaces that are not only just functional but also very comfortable. (Potential) Customers appreciate sparkling glass windows, trimmed gardens, and the attention to details. What’s more, this gives them an assurance that you can manage their spaces and maintain their brand credibility.

Like the digital strategies, glass facades play a very important role to lure customers to your business.

From a shopfront, commercial industries, schools & colleges, to stadiums, each of our cleaning projects receives the same pro attention to detail and world-class service. We strive to create the best experience by working efficiently and abiding by safety measures. We are confident you will love your experience with us and go around with a word-of-mouth referral.

Promotes Good Health

What’s additional is opting for the services of a professional commercial cleaning team promotes a healthy working environment. Having a clean office space guarantees high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. This is because window cleaning takes care of any dirt and dust laying on your window panes. Also, it keeps workers at their best performances knowing their health will not be compromised. They do not worry about health issues from airborne particles such as asthma and allergies.

Creating a Great Lasting Impression

Whether you DIY or you opt for a commercial cleaning team, it’s important that you front your windows frequently – depending on seasons.

In addition to using the latest access platforms and safe techniques, our team of professional window cleaners will work together with your business to create a lasting impression. To schedule cleaning services with a FREE quote from K2Access Ltd, please get in touch with us today via 0113-250-8031.

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