K2Access Ltd is committed to providing our customers with high-performance roofing varieties that look good, perform efficiently, and last for decades. Among others, fibre glass is one of the most advanced flat roofing materials and mostly one of our preferred.

As a versatile roofing material, it offers excellent waterproofing performance. Moreover, it is a popular choice for residential and commercial customers in the UK. If you think fibre glass roofs are the right choice for you, don’t hesitate to call us! Our professionals will be more than happy to explain the benefits even via the phone 0113 250 8031.

What is Fibre Glass Roofing?

Fibre Glass Roofing is a type of flat roof that uses a compound material reinforced with glass fibres. It is a durable but lightweight material that can be easily shaped to match the shape of the building.

It is used as a single-layer coat, sometimes attached to a resonant plate attached to the roof and as a surface treatment.

Fibre Glass is fast increasing in the UK market because of its waterproofing attributes. Its waterproofing qualities are well appreciated in temperamental and rainy conditions.

Fibre Glass Roof Leeds

Why Choose a Fibre Glass Roof?

Fibre Glass roofs are a bit identical to the traditional asphalt roof but are more durable – thanks to their core and laminate coating. They offer significant advantages over asphalt in water resistance, weather, lifespan, flexibility, and much more.


Fibre glass roof offers better fire resistance due to its fibre core.


Because of their layers, it is difficult for water to penetrate them. So, they offer better protection for the roof deck.


The unique laminate layer protects the syrup and roof from strong wind, ice, and rain better than traditional asphalt syrup.


In addition to protecting the roof better, Fibre Glass Roof Fitting last longer than asphalt-core shingles. Since they are of fibreglass, they are lightweight but durable and flexible.

The fact that they are lightweight (thin base) makes them less likely to swell and crack with even unfavourable conditions. However, these attributes make them easier for roofing buildings.

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Experienced Fibre Glass Roof Installers

The team at K2Access Ltd has been installing fibre glass roofs for both commercial and residential customers all over the UK. We are a team of professionals with a passion for what we do. So, you can trust us for all your roofing needs, including roof repairs, glass replacement, and glass fitting jobs.

We specialize in a range of services:

Fibre Glass Roof Fitting

K2Access Ltd offers a wide range of roof fitting services and serves customers across the UK. Whether it is for a complete roof replacement or installing new glass roof fitting, we can help you.

We offer bespoke services. So, whatever your project is, we are confident we are the perfect option for you.

We install a top-quality, durable, and efficient roof that will withstand adverse conditions. Even if you already know what fits your property, we can work in line with your specification to give the best results possible.

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Fibre Glass Roof Repair

It’s better to solve a problem whenever you immediately notice than leave it till later. Here at K2Access, fibre roof repair services are affordable and straightforward. Whether it’s a leak, torn waterproof membrane, or even storm damage, we can help you. Our approach does not only fix the issue but also reduce the likely issue in the future.

Talk to a professional roofer today for high-quality and timely roof repairs for your commercial and domestic needs.

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