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Solar Panel Cleaning

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K2Access Ltd… Your #1 Local Solar Panel Cleaning & Inspection Experts

Save money on your energy cost annually by ensuring your solar panels are clean and well-maintained with K2Access Solar Panel Total Care!

K2Access Ltd, your #1 local Solar Care Specialists, provides solar panel cleaning as well as inspection services to both commercial and residential homes. We proudly serve the areas of the UK, including Bradford, Leeds, York, Halifax, and Yorkshire. Leveraging our pure water cleaning system with our high-rise access platforms, such as the Easylift R160 and the Ruthmann TK310, no height freaks us out. For Cleaning & Inspection Enquiries, please call 0113-250-8031 to get started.

“Dirty Panels Will Incur Cost on Repairs or Replacement!”

Bird drops, dust, dirt, and many other environmental pollutants will prevent the rays of the sun from reaching your panels. Thereby reducing the efficiency of the cells since the sun will barely recharge them. By maintaining your solar panels regularly, say every 3 or 6 months, you’ll increase their lifespan and performance. And by default, less energy will be used to create the same output of electricity you need for productivity. In addition to reducing the cost of utilities, regular maintenance can save you thousands on a solar panel replacement anytime soon.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Isn’t The Rain A Natural Solar Panel Cleaner?

Just like the scenario with your car, the rain will likely leave some light particles off the surface of your solar panels. And as it dries off, it leaves behind some streaks and particles washed from the roof to the frames of your panels.

Our team of Professional Solar Panel Cleaning will help you get rid of dirt and other environmental pollutants on your panels. Hence, a return on your investment is guaranteed!

We may not need to climb your roof to inspect your solar panels. Sometimes, we access right from the ground level by deploying our telescopic extension pole system and a soft brush. If it requires a thorough cleaning, then we introduce our pure water cleaning system, an innovative system that removes dirt effectively. It does not only remove dirt; it rinses and guarantees a spot-free finish.

On the other hand, for panels that are not accessible from the ground, we leverage our high-rise access platforms to reach the roof and clean them. We leave your solar panels sparkling like NEW!

Contact us today to discuss our high access cleaning and public realm cleaning services in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Why Choose K2Access Solar Panel Cleaning Experts?

In addition to giving you a FREE consultation, we remain unrivaled and reputable for the following reasons – although not limited to these:

  • FREE Quotes
  • No chemicals or abrasives on solar panels. Instead, we use pure de-ionized water scheme
  • Access to high-rise access platforms for access to solar panels on high-rise buildings

Available throughout the UK and surrounding suburbs, contact K2Access Solar Panel Cleaning Professionals TODAY for TOTAL CARE of your Panels. Call 0113-250-8031 to get started.

Trust your investment in the care of professionals today. With K2Access, you can sit back and trust your solar panels are cleaned to a specialist standard without using chemicals, damaging abrasives, or squeegees. Instead, we use a de-ionized water scheme that removes any impurities on the panels, including the boards, that ensures a more durable and spot-free finish every time.

If you want us to, we can also provide the following services: