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Public Realm Cleaning

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K2 Access Ltd is a market leader in maintaining and improving the public realm within mixed-use developments.

The public realm makes a significant factor in the wellbeing and safety of the community. It defines the quality that blends residential, commercial, cultural, and industrial uses to fully maximize their operations. Hence, this demands a cleaning strategy that assures the maintenance of all public thoroughfares to the highest possible standards.

K2Access Ltd has many years’ experience in cleaning and maintaining public realms throughout the cities of London. As for cleaning specialists, we can work on a wide range of public realm spaces including corporate office, listed and ancient facades, without causing any damage – preserving our hard-built reputation.

Public Realm Cleaning and Maintenance


As our operations take place in the public spaces, we are committed to ensuring stringent safety procedures – approved by our Safe Contractor accreditation. We prioritize safety as our number one value.

We ensure that our cleaning teams are well-trained and equipped to handle whatever requirements of modern mixed-use developments. In addition to keeping them updated about related security demands, we also train them to be vigilant to notice any realm untouched after cleaning. We believe that by having a cleaner, safer, and attractive environment, we will continue to serve our city and improve the quality of life.

Why Clean Public Realms?

In addition to improving the wellbeing of existing residents, the direct impact of a well-maintained public space may include:

  • It attracts more visitors to a previously less attractive space, such as a shopping center, exiting and newly established businesses, and more.
  • An increased exposure to a public space may increase your business productivity as well as economic activities.
  • It also creates non-economic benefits.

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K2Access is more than happy to assist in all the improvements made in our city and its surrounding areas. Reach out to us today on 0113 250 8031 and see where we can add real value to your experience. Alternatively, send us an email [email protected].