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All businesses that operate in buildings would at some point be required to clean or replace the cladding system of their buildings. Ever thought of the impression your potential clients will have of your business if the façade is looking unkempt or probably needs replacement? Certainly awkward, or that you’re unprofessional and can’t manage their business effectively. Obviously, there’s more to façade cleaning than protecting a building against environmental conditions such as sun, wind, rain and temperature.

This is where an expert cladding cleaning & replacement contractor, like K2Access, can help. Our team of expert Cladding Cleaning team have acquired specific training to allow the use of scaffold towers and pressure washing equipment. Additionally, they hold the relevant and required certifications such as the IPAF and PASMA.

Based in Yorkshire, we offer a complete range of high level specialist cleaning and maintenance services reaching across Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, York and Harrogate

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Our services include everything from abseil window cleaning to high level building maintenance and repairs, provided by our team of highly trained professionals to the commercial property sector.

We offer free site surveys and no obligation quotations. Our prices are extremely competitive and we have a proven 100% safety track record combined with reliability which is why our many clients have used us for over 25 years. When our platforms are not enough we have our own rope access trained team for high access window cleaning or high level maintenance jobs such as guttering clearing and fascia cleaning. From single office to large multi-site companies, no job is too small or too large for K2 Access.

Our safety record speaks for itself; whenever we undertake high-rise cleaning services we’ll assess the needs of the customer and develop the best solution for your individual requirements.

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Cladding Cleaning and Replacement Services Yorkshire – get it done ASAP!

Cladding is important for the protection of the more sensitive parts of a building, both exterior and interior parts. And proper maintenance will reduce the tendency of water penetration and sustain the appearance of the building. Certainly, cladding provides a clean and attractive building – it’ll maintain the aesthetics of your building. While it’s a great option to protect your building, it also serves as a long-term cost-reduction plan.
A DIY service may be too harsh on your building, just reach out to us and see how our soft-cleaning approach can make a huge difference. We can clean all types of metal, wood, vinyl or plastic cladding within a short time. We specialize in using soft chemicals to restore your building’s exterior, unlike other cladding cleaning services. Of course, harsh chemicals can cause damage to the surfaces of your building and spoil the appearances, hence we don’t use them.
You should schedule an annually maintenance check on your building Cladding, depending on the material used.
At K2Access, we understand the need for cladding cleaning and cladding replacement. We know how that the cladding of a building can have wear and tear if not properly maintained. Well, a long exposure to elements such as sun, rain and wind can cause the damages too. And the concentrated staining of cladding is an indication that cleaning needs to be done. We know these from our years of experience and we’ve equally worked on such building claddings. Yours won’t be a problem too, we assure you.
At K2Access, we clean most types of PVC, powdered coated metal and zinc-based cladding either with or without the use of detergents. Our service for cladding cleaning has been developed to a safe working practice that provides the highest results in the smoothest possible way. It is important to seek professional expertise on cladding cleaning to make sure there is no damage already made to your cladding, allowing it to be restored to its original condition. Using cladding cleaning services in Yorkshire can help to increase the longevity of your cladding, which in turn can help to reduce the costs of replacing cladding.

The build up of dirt and grime on your cladding can weaken the buildings structure, but with our cladding cleaning service, we can prevent this from happening. If you do not clear the grime and dirt, then your cladding will need to be replaced frequently costing you a lot of money. When that is the case K2Access still got you covered!

We provide cladding replacements that are affordable and high quality. We understand that being both, the cost and quality matters, so we bring to you the most cost-effective yet good quality products and fix them for you

Our team is professionally trained with all the necessary certifications. Safety is our priority, during and after the job is done. The claddings we fit for you will stay resistant and in place for a long time. A good maintenance will make them last even longer, so we provide you with timely inspections as well as an all-round repair service for your claddings. The plan may sound far-fetched but its sustainable and cost-friendly in the long run.

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Cladding Cleaning and Replacement Services Yorkshire – Why Choose K2Access?

Our team of professionals will provide cladding cleaning in that lasts as long as possible, so you don’t have to pay for expensive replacement work. Using our cladding cleaning service regularly will make a bigger impact than you think! Not only does it help to improve the visual appearance of the cladding, but it can also help to keep if working efficiently for a lot longer. This means that investing in regular cladding cleaning can help to reduce the number of times you need to replace the cladding, which can be a considerably more expensive job!

If your building is overdue a friendly clean, get in touch with K2Access today! The long-lasting cladding cleaning results that we can provide will give your visitors a great first impression before they even walk through the door!